Brr! Staying In & Snuggling Up!

It's a snow day today for schools in southwestern PA, and I must admit... I STILL get excited about them just as much as I did when I was a little kid:)  Charley and I are spending our snow day enjoying some much needed snuggle time on the couch watching the snow fall, catching up on our DVR recordings, and drinking tea from one of my most favorite mugs - I'm drinking the tea, however I'm sure Charley would enjoy it equally as much:) We have zero desire to move! But I am wondering, what do other teachers do on snow days? I can't imagine being the only one who enjoys being lazy for a few hours! I don't get this luxury on the weekends. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday & if you're in this "Polar Vortex," just like we are, stay warm!

Charley's Classroom

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