Fall is my favorite color.

I have an incredibly strange fascination with fall.  The chilly football weather, the boots and sweaters, the apple cider, just the coziness of it all ...and of course pumpkin everything:)  BUT I'd have to say I'm the most fascinated with the colors - oranges, reds, greens, yellows, browns, ALL of them!  From my home doorstep, to my students' Math Warm-Up binders, I just LOVE seeing the colors of fall everywhere!  It's almost a bit obsessive.

Despite all of my fall excitement, it is unfortunate I can't say the same for Charley.  The time change is STILL throwing him off.  The poor little guy associates the darkness outside with going "night-night" and is laying in his bed around 6pm. HOWEVER, he does enjoy strolling through the crunchy leaves... but don't we all?!

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