Just the Teacher & the Teacher's Pet(s)

Welcome! I'm a 10th year special education teacher from a small town just south of Pittsburgh, PA. When I'm not in my classroom, you can find me with my family, my friends, or with my "fur children." I love spending my summers traveling and being your typical "tourist." I like to think I'm old school in the fact that books and CDs are still bought in a store - not digitally downloaded. I could recite the movie You've Got Mail word for word, read The Great Gatsby over and over again, and listen to John Mayer and Van Morrison all day long.  Netflix, HGTV, the gym and shopping are a few of my guilty pleasures. I treat myself to a donut at least once a week and I'm always, ALWAYS cheering on a Pittsburgh sports team. However, no matter what my day consists of, I find myself thinking of my classroom and ways I can make it even better. 

Charley is a 15lb Yorkie-ton/hypo-allergenic ball of fur.  He loves taking walks and eating peanut butter.  He will sit, give "paw," and walk on hind legs for a dog biscuit.  He has a fur-ball brother named Brody.  I'm positive he could probably nap all day.  He has traveled to 5 different states.  I believe he is the most spoiled one in the family.  He has always been great at teaching life lessons. My favorite lessons include: relationships are important - and sometimes treats are a little more important, a brisk walk down the street can relieve a lot... of stuff, and hard work pays off - mostly in the form of treats & naps.  


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  2. Hi, in my mind you are always going to be Charley now, LOL! He is a cutie. Can't believe you just started your page and it looks so great already.
    I am a Special Education Teacher also, in Florida, so love running into another ESE teacher.
    Found you on the TpT forum, and plan on following your blog to keep up with your adventures and those of Charley!

    Burke's Special Kids

    1. Aw, thank you so much! He is a cutie... & a spoiled one at that! I think I sat around for hours one day trying to figure out this blog thing. I YouTubed A LOT. Thanks for the compliment, though! I still think it has a long way to go. I will have to follow you as well. I'm always trying to keep an eye out for special education teachers and their ideas! Glad you found me:)


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